Why You Should Keep Your Chimney Clean


Chimneys are still a part of homes despite being made redundant by other forms of heating such as radiators. However, even though they aren’t a necessity for a household it is still nice to have a wood burning fire on a cold winter’s day. It is very important to keep active chimneys clean. Unclean chimneys can cause fires. There were over one hundred and twenty recorded chimney fires between the April 2013 and the end of March 2014. The figure is the similar to the previous four years. Chimney fires can be devastating by destroying priceless belongings and causing extensive damage to your life and home. Chimney fires are also very difficult to control.

It is very important to prevent chimney fires. Fires can be started in chimneys due to the build-up of substances within the chimney on the chimney wall. This material is known as creosote and it can build up in large quantities within the chimney-flue if left unchecked. The creosote can catch fire and cause a total chimney fire and potentially cause carbon monoxide poisoning to anyone in the vicinity.  Cleaning your chimney will provide you not only with a safe house but also with a a peace of mind as you know that your house is safe. There are plenty of registered chimney sweep experts who you can hire to annually or bi-annually clean your chimney. It is advised that; Smokeless coal, oil, and gas chimneys are cleaned once a year, Bituminous coal fuelled chimneys are cleaned twice a year, and that wood fuelled fires are cleaned up to four times a year.

Cleaning your chimney also ensures that animals and pests do not use it as an entrance to invade your home. The last thing anybody wants is for a bird or a critter such as a squirrel to find its way into their chimney. The solution for preventing this from happening is to install a stainless steel chimney that keeps them out. It is a simple solution that can be carried out by chimney experts during your next chimney cleaning service. Chimneys are a safe place for birds to nest and also provide warmth during the cold winter months. Therefore it is not uncommon to hear them squawking above your chimney.

Regular chimney cleans and inspections are important as damage that occurs over time can be costly to repair. Chimney experts can check for any slight damage in your chimney whilst they are cleaning it. Preventing the damage from getting worse can save you a lot of money in the long run. It is recommended that you have your inspection between May and September as it is when the chimney is likely to have been finished with for the year.