Do You Want to be One of the First People to Visit Your Home Before it’s Been Built?


Urbanist Architecture is the first architectural firm in London to employ the latest Virtual Reality (VR) technology for their clients. The firm uses VR gadgets to create awesome simulations showing home owners and property developers how their development will look like when it has been completed.

By using this technology, you can see the quality of design, space planning, materials, furniture, all internal and external fixtures and fittings, small details and more! This way, you can easily view the “finished” look of the design presented by the architects before it is even built! This immersive experience gives you more control over your project than ever before.

Urbanist 4D Reality will not only show you what your final design will look like – it will put you right in the middle of it. The technology exports you to the finished state of the design where you can completely visualize the house you want to build. This approach enables you to go through the nooks and crannies of the property right from the office of Urbanist Architecture.


You can now imagine a future where you can walk around your house before it has actually been built. You can imagine going into each room and seeing exactly how your home will look like when it has been completed. With this technology, you can review tiny details like the turning of a tap or even opening and closing a door. The process will also enable mitigation of uncertainties in details at an earlier stage and help Urbanist Architecture tailor the property exactly to the client’s requirements.

Urbanist Architecture aims to develop a deeper relationship with the clients by taking the lead in this regard in London by being the first architecture company to acquire the 4D VR technology for their clientele. The architects at Urbanist Architecture can now check out all the finer details to transform the space into a tailor-made, personalised, and bespoke place suited to the tastes and needs of their clients.

About Urbanist Architecture:

Urbanist Architecture is a London based practice specialising in planning permission applications and architectural and interior design. They work primarily on high-end residential projects including refurbishments, renovations and new build flats and houses.

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