The Industry Posts: ‘A Look at the Construction World’

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At The Industry Post we enjoy browsing through the web to find new and exciting sites that offer that little bit extra. We even have an hour a week to find a new site which we then present to our colleagues to discuss its pros and cons. It is a great way to improve is to see what works well and conversely what doesn’t work well. We have put together a list of 5 sites that we have recently read and found inspiring.

Hard Hat Hub

They are an up and coming site that has a variety of experts from multiple industries from engineering to real estate. They offer both digital and algorithmic technology to help provide you with the industry specified talent that you require.

Construction Junkie

Construction Junkie is a site that was trademarked in 2015 and is relatively new to the construction world. They also offer a variety of videos which our very own matt has been caught watching in his office time.

Construction Week Online

Construction Week Online is based in the Middle East and is a good way to keep up with what s happening in our industry in other parts of the world. They feature posts on Bahrain, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Oman, and Saudi Arabia. It is important to keep with news all over the world and Construction Week Online is a great way to diversify your news.

Construction Freelancer

Construction Freelancer is different to all the other sites in that you can post any project that you need undertaking and professionals then bid on the job so that you can get the best price for your job. It is an interesting idea and one that could completely revolutionise the market. You can have a real time chat with your chosen supplier. There is a feedback system that ensures that cowboy builders are quickly ejected.


Constructorator is a site that allows you to interact though their forum to help ‘learn, grow, collaborate and share’. It’s a great website for students or people who want to enhance their skills. It also allows you to give back as you can share your ideas or tips.