Swimming Pool Safety & Hazards to be Aware Of


Hazards To Be Aware Of

Swimming is an easy non weight bearing activity that can be used to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Swimming pools are all inclusive for both adults, who go to the pool to swim lengths to burn a few calories or a child who goes to splash, jump, and  have fun. There are plenty of pools available for you to use and they are often relatively inexpensive. However, there are a lot of hazards at swimming pools. The hazards range from running and slipping on a wet surface to the more extreme risk of drowning. Drowning and slipping are the obvious hazards of a swimming pool however pools have lifeguards who are there to ensure that the pool rules are adhered to so these incidents are often rare. A risk that lifeguards can’t protect you from is the risk of incorrect installation of electrical equipment such as heaters.

How Are Pools Designed For Safety

Having safety procedures in place and being aware of hazards is important but designing a safe pool can reduce the amount risks significantly. Pools are designed with safety firmly in mind. There are plenty of entry and exit points to pools and it is essential that there are hand rails to help. Pools should always be designed so that the side of the pool is easy to hold onto so that swimmers can rest without having to tread water. Gutters are also important on the side of the pool for not only the recycling of water but also to prevent slippery wet patches from forming around the pool. Shallow ends are vital as a way for weak swimmers to become comfortable with the pool environment. All leisure pools should be designed to incorporate a large shallow area for children or weaker swimmers.

A faulty pool side heater that was installed incorrectly caused medical damage to the Kumar family. The Kumar’s who reside in the Oregon ‘Happy Valley’ claimed over one hundred and fifty thousand dollars in compensation for both medical damage and non-economic damages. They claimed that the heater released carbon monoxide at levels which were dangerous enough to cause poisoning. The leaking gas was caused by incorrect installation as the venting was not suitable enough tin regards to the high levels of carbon monoxide emissions. The company that installed the heater refused to comment when contacted by the OregonLive online newspaper. Whilst no one was killed the incident shows how important it is to have specialised equipment that is designed thoroughly and safety standard tested.


Heating Choices For Pools

Heaters are an important part of both indoor and outdoor pools. A warm pool is nicer to swim in and provides a comfortable environment. There are a wide range of electric pool heaters, swimming pool solar heating, air source heat pumps, and many more when it comes to keeping a pool’s temperature regulated. Well-designed equipment that offers a long term value due to safety certificates are definitely more advisable than the cheap option when it comes to pool heaters.

Swimming pools have enough hazards before the addition of electrical equipment so it is important that you go the extra mile to ensure that you pool is as safe as it can be. You can’t put a price on your health so protecting against faulty or unreliable equipment is no brainer. Swimming pools are safe, fun environments when used correctly. However it is important to educate young children on the dangers of swimming pools and ensure that they follow all the rules when in the pool area.