Recycling in the UK


The world has a limited resources and it isn’t likely that we will have the technology to inhabit other planets anytime soon. Therefore it is extremely important that we look after our planet. Recycling is a simple yet effective way of limiting carbon front prints and preventing unnecessary waste.  Recycling is working well in some areas but there still room for improvement in a lot of different areas.

The Herald Scotland recently reported that refuse collectors are ‘dumping recycling’ in the same Lorries that carry off the rubbish to landfills. A local investigation found that the blue recyclable bins were being disposed of with the general waste of the black bins. Witnesses reported seeing the refuse collectors dumping the blue and black bins on Buchanan Street into the back of the dustbin lorry. The worker’s claimed that the bins were being disposed of together because they were often contaminated with regular waste. One worker is quoted as saying “The original intention was that we’d be able to recycle things, but from the very start of the scheme we haven’t been able to do so.” If this is the case then is it time for greater awareness of how to recycle properly? It is not only ethical to try to reduce waste but also economical because the council is taxed for every tonne of rubbish that is sent to landfill.

The news isn’t all bleak as Sainsbury’s have announced that they will be offering a nationwide service for the recycling of this year’s Easter egg packaging. They are using the hash tag #EggyAboutEggcess to help raise awareness through the social media vehicle of twitter. Sainsbury’s have their own sustainability and energy department so it is no surprise that they have schemes such as this. Last Christmas they had a similar scheme where shoppers were able to help recycle nearly ninety thousand tonnes of waste which was an increase of over two thousand tonnes from the previous year.

Businesses can make a big impact in helping recycle more waste. Companies like TDS Safeguard offer recycling for electrical items which enable any old, unwanted products to be removed in an efficient, environmental friendly manner. They ensure that hardrives are destroyed so that information cannot be stolen and then recycle plastics, metals and other recyclable elements. It is important that all businesses buy in to recycling to try save the planet we live in as at our current rate of pollution and destruction it won’t last too many generations longer.