Quality or Quantity In the Packaging Industry


Quality or Quantity?

Companies usually either sell a lot of product at a low cost or a small amount of quality product at a higher cost. In business when it comes to selling a product it is usually better to sell a less product at a high price than selling a lot at a lower price. This is because it will take less time to make a small amount of products of high quality than it would to make a lot of small low quality items. There will also be a significantly higher cost in shipping for the low quality items. This is because more items will need to be made and sent to stores to make the same amount as selling a few high expensive high quality products. The majority of the time it is more important to have quality over quantity.


Quality or Quantity When It Comes To Packaging

The importance of quality over quantity is even more important when it comes to packaging. Quality products are an essential part of any business and rigorous control process are required to ensure the quality of the product. Packages can get damaged in the post if the quality of the material is low so paying a premium for top of the range packaging equipment is important. Companies that produce a large quantity of packing materials at a low price are less likely to be as involved in customer care. This is because they can ship a massive bulk of product every day. Companies that provide quality packaging rely on their clientele as aren’t able to sell as much product as the high quantity low quality companies. A piece of packing that has been designed purposefully for a specific item is far less likely to fail than a piece of packaging that isn’t designed for a specific purpose. Conversely there are situations when quality isn’t so important. Such a situation occurs when the product you are sending Is of low value or quantity.

Word Of Mouth Travels fast

A customer is more likely to pass on positive feedback if the quality is good. If a customer has a good experience with a company they are likely to recommend it to others. Conversely if a customer has bad experience they are likely to take to social media to write a scathing review of why that company is the devil! Therefore in the modern day were communication and word of mouth is more powerful than ever it is important that the reviews of products are positive. The best way to ensure a positive review is to have a quality product.


Quality or Quantity is more relevant in the modern world than ever before as there are a multitude of different companies offering a wide range of different products. Standing out with a quality product can be the difference between success and failure. There is a wide range of junk products that usually only do half a job. Whilst not very item that is posted requires quality, well designed packaging nine times out of ten high quality packaging is required.