How to Ensure a Building’s Security


Every Englishman’s and Englishwoman’s home is their castle. When someone breaks into a home it can leave the feeling of vulnerability as the owner feels as if their sacred and safe place is no longer theirs. If the Cold War taught us anything it is that deterrents do work. Whilst I am not suggesting that you fortify your home with hydrogen bombs and nuclear weapons it is clear that a security camera and and alarm can go a long way to preventing potential break-ins via deterring the robber from your building. There are plenty of houses without security so why would a robber bother trying to break into one with security when they are a lot more likely to get caught.

Pre-construction security is a good way at ensuring that houses have suitable security without taking away from aesthetic nature of the building. The architect can plan cameras/alarms and other forms of security into the house so that from the outside they are visible as a deterrent but from the inside they are unrecognisable. This is important because people don’t like to have a camera staring at them especially in people’s homes as they will feel that they are under supervision or being tested. Effective pre construction security panning can lead to a building that provides a greater safety for the inhabitant. There are many companies such as Assegai Security Solutions that can provide any specific need that you require for your homes security.

There are many different forms of security deterrents. Physical Deterrence can be used in the guise of barriers such as walls and high fences to make the property less accessible to on gymnastic robbers. Psychological deterrence are also useful as these can intimidate a potential robber from attempting a break in. Psychological deterrence can come in the form of signs suggesting that dogs are on the premises because the last thing any robber wants is to be bit in the behind by a barking dog that wakes up the whole neighbourhood.

Buildings that are being built for work area and other industry activates such as factories don’t need to be as aesthetically pleasing. These buildings can have blades on the top of walls and cameras on the outside that cover all angles. It is better to plan cameras in pre-construction because there is less chance that potential blind spots will be missed. This is incredibly important as a defence is only as strong as its weakest spot thus any blind spot is a potential way in for a robber and If your building is full of new innovated equipment that is being used for manufacturing then the loss of that would be costly in terms of replacement and lost time at work.

It is important that security is taken seriously pre construction to ensure that the building whether it be a house, a factory, or a block of offices is safe and secure for the workers and the night staff or the inhabitants. Good planning prevents poor performance and the best stage to ensure that every base is covered is the first stage.