A Look into the UK Oil Industry

Platforms Ellen and Elly offshore near Long Beach, Calif in BSEE’s Pacific Region

The Offshore UK Oil Industry

The UK oil and gas industry is a major employer and generator of jobs. The industry creates diverse jobs that offer multiple chances for advancement. Oil and Gas production in the United Kingdom has provided over 300,000 jobs in 2016. The Industry is also an exporter of British product along with overseas services ranging from technology to Human resources.

Economic Impact

The UK Oil and Gas industry has an extensive supply train through British Pipelines that is spread over England and Scotland. The industry offers jobs in multiple different counties helping to boost the economies of lots of areas. The main hubs for the industry are based around key ports.
The industry offers careers to an enormous amount of different sectors. The industry requires skilled designers to develop plants and create efficient plants. They employee Data managers who work alongside geoscientists to calculate and reduce the effect that any projects will have on the environment. Legal and insurance teams are also required as projects can undertake risk however the risks are often offset by LOPA Layers of protection analysis. The companies use divers, helicopter pilots, and mariners to help provide extra safety analysis to projects. The careers are often full of rewards with pensions, job for life, and other schemes available to employees.

Safety In The Oil Industry

Safety is vital in an industry that can often end in disaster. Whilst health and safety is important in every industry it holds even greater precedent in the oil and gas industry. Prevention of explosions, leaks, and exposure to dangerous chemicals is extremely important the industry is always improving its safety procedures and its successful new policies are shown to be working through the decrease in injuries, gas leaks, and industrial damage. The industry uses the latest technology to help ensure safety with the majority of offshore plants utilising the latest helicopter technology to increase safety especially when travelling or transporting goods in high seas.
The Oil and gas industry has evolved massively over the last half century to the point that it is an economic giant in the UK. The industry has paid more taxes and pension contributions than the majority of the other leading industries. 2015 saw a capital investment of £12 billion. The fluctuation in oil prices has driven innovation to try to decrease the operating costs to ensure that profits are always being achieved. It is estimated that the industry has contributed over £300 billion to the treasury over the last 46 years. This income alone could pay for the running costs of the NHS for approximately three years. The industry creates £40 billion worth of revenue per annum with 40% of the revenues coming from exports.