Micro-AD Plant – Wombridge School Case Study


GTS Maintenance know that it’s not just big businesses and large-scale industries who can benefit from anaerobic digestion systems as a waste management solution as well as a way to produce energy.

Recently, they’ve been working closely with Wombridge School, in Telford, on the design, supply and installation of a Genereater Micro-AD Plant to solve this problem – cost effective organic waste disposal and energy production.

The problem:

Small scale disposal of organic waste in a cost effective manner with a benefit to the originator of the waste; a need to reduce waste to landfill and utilise organic disposal to produce energy.

Genereater micro AD plant

The solution:

The Genereater Micro Anaerobic digester plant can:

  • Process organic waste onsite and produce energy
  • Reduce reliance on volatile energy prices
  • Reduce amount of waste sent to landfill
  • Improve awareness/behaviour towards organic waste
  • Be a cost effective waste management tool

This project is currently ongoing, but the school is on board and they’re aiming to work quickly to have the equipment completely installed and operational by February 2016. They’re also having discussions with the school regarding an option for them to also operate the units if required.

The benefits


  • 15 minutes’ labour requirement
  • Minimal maintenance requirements
  • Skid mounted package installed onsite

Robust and Reliable

  • No internal parts
  • All stainless steel fittings
  • Trialled for 12 months at Harper Adams University – Daily >60% CH4 (Methane)


  • Minimum feed – 60kg/day
  • System easily expandable – > 1t/day


  • Bunded tanks
  • Remote level detection
  • Pressure & vacuum relief valves
  • Dual foam relief

GTS will be bringing you updates on the project as it’s ongoing, with progress and images of the micro-AD plant during and after installation. If you’re a local authority or school looking to benefit from Micro Anaerobic digester for School – Environmentally friendly waste management solution then visit the GTS website to view more information on their anaerobic digesters and how they could help you dispose of organic waste – all while additionally benefiting from energy production.