Lightweight Steel Roofing Popular for Conservatories


The conservatory: a staple of the modern British home that is traditionally regarded as a summertime space. During the winter however, conservatories can be regarded as the room where heat escapes causing home energy bills to rise – not ideal in a world where annual price increases have become expected. This insulation issue stems from the frame of the conservatory being unable to support a full roof installation, with the weight from traditional roof tiles such as slate or clay causing problems for both the foundations and the structure.

Metrotile Lightweight Steel Roofing weighs up to one seventh of slate or clay tiles and, as such, has seen a surge in popularity within the conservatory industry on both new build and refurbishment projects. Taking aesthetic cues from so-called traditional roofing materials, yet applying them to a truly modern material, Metrotile is a durable, sustainable and highly secure roofing solution that offers far greater benefits than you would expect from a single roof tile. Thanks to the weight reduction offered, battens and a full layer of insulation underlay can be installed, turning the conservatory into a space that retains heat all year round.

Add a forty year weatherproof guarantee plus a full range of accessories including Velux windows into the mix and you can why Metrotile is specified by UK conservatory manufacturers and a premier choice for UK contractors to use for conservatory renovations.

Peter Evans, Partner for roofing contractors AP Roofing, has worked on a number of Metrotile conservatory roof installations:

“Whenever we refurbish a conservatory in this manner, we always get a great response from customers. They always tell us that they can use the conservatory all year, because it’s warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. The reduction in utility bills is also a popular outcome”.

The light weight of each Metrotile profile ensures other benefits too, including the ability of a rapid installation. Lower weight means more tiles can be moved at one time, yet once installed a Metrotile roof offers unmatched protection against vandalism and the elements; as Metrotile is an international product, it has been cyclone tested in Japan and wind tested in California. Security is not a concern with a Metrotile roof.

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