Water Jet Cutting & Other Industry Cutting

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Industry Cutting

There are many different ways to cut materials in industry and they vary depending on the material. Here is a look at some of the most commonly used techniques;

Laser cutting

Laser cutting was once a thing of science fiction. However, now it is a innovative new technology that can be used to cut through thick metals vie the use of monochromatic coherent light. The cutting leaves a smooth high quality surface edge that looks and feels nice. Laser cutting uses the a series of visual optics to direct a high power beam onto a small specific point to create intense heat that melts the material. Electrical discharges are used stimulate the cutting beam.

Fabric Cutting

There are many different types of fabric cutting machine.. Fabricating machines can be controlled by both humans and computers. The machine can be programmed to cut out the job that you require or a skilled technician can control the machine by hand. Automated cutters have high accuracy and repeatability. They are mostly used for repetition cuts during the manufacturing of thousands of the same pieces of material. Manual cutters are not as common as automated cutters as they require a high skilled craftsman to operate. They are usually used for a one off product where creativity is more important than accuracy.

Water jet Cutting

Water can be used, if powered at high enough pressures, to cut steel. Waterjet is a commonly used term to describe the equipment used to cut through steel and other materials through the use of high pressured steam. Waterjets work by adding garnet abrasive and then firing it at a substance. The high pressured steam abrasive is powerful enough to rapidly erode nearly any material. Similarly to laser cutting the process is usually fully automated and often the machinery is programmed and then left over night to carry out the operation.

Reshaping and dividing is an important part of large scale manufacturing. Therefore it is important to have lots of Industry Cutting machines that can be used for the wide variety of varying materials. Each machine is specialised for a specific substance and the technology surrounding the cutting of materials in industry is foerever being innovated and enhanced.