How to Make Fire Bricks


What are Fire Bricks?

Firebricks were originally known as fire clay bricks because they are made of fireclay. Fire clay is easily found in nature but it is very important that it has the right properties. Fireclay is ‘normal’ mud but with a higher Alumina content. The mud normally appears in a lighter colour. Fire clay has a percentage composition between 24 and 34% of Aluminia and a Silica composition of 50 to 60%. Its density is 1.303 g/cm^3 making it a heavy material when compared to other similar materials such as cement.

Where to find Fire Clay

If there aren’t any fire clay distributors in your location then don’t worry because fire clay is prevalent throughout nature. It is often found in a place with water soil erosion or where construction or excavation work has been occurring. It is usually found a few feet below the ground so find a place where the mud isn’t mixed with rocks or sand and dig to see if you finds the light coloured mud.

How fire bricks are made

First you will need two obtain two five gallon buckets and drill multiple holes in the sides and the basin of one of them. A screw driver can be used for the process by stabbing into the bucket if you don’t have access to a drill. Then place the bucket that has the holes into the bucket without the holes. Add Portland cement to one tenth the size of the bucket.  Then add the fire clay until the half-way point.  Then mix thoroughly whilst slowly adding water until you have a thick paste. It might be necessary to add extra clay to the mixture the required thickness if you add a bit too much water. The mixture then needs to be pressed so that any water that isn’t mixed Is pressed out. You can use a circular sab for this process. Then leave it in a shady environment for just over a week to let it set. Once it is set you can remove it from the bucket using a brick cutter and then further refine them into the required sizes that you require.