Guests Personalise their Environment with the New Panasonic Hotel Controller

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Panasonic has added a user-friendly remote controller to its broad range of fully integrated heating and cooling solutions for the hotel market to optimise comfort and energy efficiency. The new controller, with a simple and stylish aesthetic is easy and cost effective to install as all electrical cables are wired back to the controller unit that sits flush on the wall.

The new Hotel controller facilitates total room control with the ability to link to the Hotels BMS system with either Lonworks and MODbus protocols. This connectivity allows the option of central control of the room facilities such as room card contact, lighting, blinds and curtains, window opening and closing, as well as remote control of the room temperature using a Panasonic heating and cooling unit. With its attractive design and a choice of colour options it is also the only remote control that can operate and program different inputs and outputs.

Marc Diaz, UK and Ireland Country Manager for Panasonic Heating and Cooling said:

“Our new controller for hotels gives guests full control of their rooms, which leads to better personal comfort and therefore higher opinions of the hotel in general. These positive experiences can translate to increased sales and revenue.”

As well as offering excellent comfort levels for guests, this new controller brings excellent energy saving credentials which means lower utility bills. Energy saving functions include turning off air conditioning and lighting when the room is unoccupied, disabling the air conditioning unit when the window is open and minimum and maximum set points for temperature control to avoid excessive heating or cooling but still allowing guests some comfort control.

Panasonic offers one of the widest ranges of heating, cooling, hot water production and ventilation solutions available on the market (all powered by gas or electricity). Its world-leading team of heating and cooling experts can equip hotels of all sizes with a suitable system, with a promise of the greatest energy-efficiency. The choice of electricity- and gas-powered systems means Panasonic can significantly reduce a hotel’s CO² emissions and energy bills. Thanks to their efficiency and smart functionality, the installation of any Panasonic solution can translate to substantial financial savings for any hotel. With the addition of intelligent control features like the new hotel controller and EcoNavi sensor, Panasonic is a strong competitor in the hotel market and beyond.