GM Driverless Car Promises to Catch Your Eye

General Motors Utilise Latest Technology

General motors have announced their bid for the new, innovative semi-autonomous driving industry.  The United States biggest manufacture of cars is hoping to put its ‘Super Cruise’ on a Cadillac later next year. The system will feature eye tracking for the driver which is an industry first. It isn’t quite a fully GM driverless car as the vehicle uses technology that requires the driver to be alert at all times whilst the vehicle is moving.

Industry Giant Tesla Involved

GM are working with Volvo Car Corp.’s Pilot Assist as well as Tesla Motors In.’s Autopilot in order to create there semi autonomous Cadillac range. Both driver assisting systems will be used to drive the vehicle whilst the driver looks on. The car will use the eye tracking device to track the alertness of the driver for safety reasons. The use of this technology, along with other technologies such as the facial expression recognition technology that we wrote about previously, will cause ethically concerns as the technology could be utilised for morally wrong reasons. Privacy issues arise when driver data is retained which could be used against the driver if passed onto insurance companies or public safety companies. Therefore it is important that the data from this technology is used with the drivers consent.

HighWay or No Way

The Super Cruise will use the technology for safety reasons. The system will be able to detect if a driver is falling asleep or simply just not paying enough attention to the road. The car will use visual aids to alert the driver in an attempt to grab their attention. If the visual alerts fail then the intercom will be activated and a safety officer will attempt to get the driver to pay attention. In the, hopefully, rare occasion that the intercom conversation does not improve the driver’s alertness then the car will automatically pull over at the next safe opportunity.

The technology has been tested over the past several years and is expected to be a leap forward for not only GM but also the rest of the industry. It is better than its industry rivals such as steering wheels that use touch pads to measure driver alertness. The touch pad system can be easily skirted around making it redundant in terms of safety. The limitation of the Super Cruise is that it can only be used on highways. It might seen like a small step but when released it will be a giant leap forward for the self driving industry.