Foundations: The Most Important Part of Your Building

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‘The wise man builds his house upon the rock’ is an ancient proverb that has withstood the test of time. The foundation of your house is vital to its success. The foundation sets the tone for the entire building. If you make a mistake in the foundation it will manifest its way through the entire building and as the building gets bigger so will the magnitude of the error. Remember that it is not just the economic risk of the building that is important but also the potential cause of injury or loss of life.

Foundations are the structures beneath the property that provide support to the underlying materials such as rocks or soil. If the underlying materials aren’t supportive enough then companies like Geobond can reinforce them using concrete. The foundations prevent the building from sinking into the ground, blowing over in the wind, or being lifted or washed away by the elements. It is very important that the foundation is both water and fungal resistant. There must also be no place for insects to live and dig bigger holes or for natural gases to accumulate and cause a pressure point.

Foundations cannot be adjusted or reinforced after the building is completed. The foundation must be built to last as if it fails at any point then there is one big problem that will stop you from fixing it and that is the entire building that sits on top of it! Therefore it is vital that the foundation is built to the highest standard that is obtainable. The foundations should take 30-40% of the build time to ensure that they are correct and strong.

There are many different problems that can arise from weak foundations. The exterior walls can crack and begin to separate causing the building to eventually collapse in half. The walls aren’t the only part that can crack as the floors can just as easily break apart due to the lack of support. If the foundations aren’t completed correctly then both windows and doors can become unaligned creating an ugly exterior. The floor, which is an essential part of the building, can end up being sloped or even sag in places as the building ages and the ground beneath it is weathered.  These problems are tiny compared to some issues that could occur if incorrect building materials are used or if the ground beneath is unstable soil as the building would have a high chance of collapsing!

Strong and well-built foundations are essential for the success of a building. Foundations prevent a long list of potential disasters such as collapse, breaking in half, or being washed away from occurring. It is incredibly important that the right foundations are used for the right building and that a lot of time and care goes into ensuring that no mistakes are made or that if any mistakes are made that they are rectified. Foundations are certainly not the place to attempt to save costs by cutting corners.