Forklift Safety Training


Forklift trucks are specialist equipment that can save hours by moving heavy objects around the factory as opposed to human labour. When used correctly they can speed up processes and help move objects that otherwise would require several factory workers. However like all other forms of equipment they do come with their hazards. There are plenty of precautions to be aware of and it is best to be aware of them from instruction and not first-hand experience. Therefore correct training and safety lessons are vital when you are preparing to use a forklift truck. There are many different accidents that can occur and the following video showcase just a few of the hazards that can occur.


The objects that need to be moved require a forklift truck for a reason: because they are heavy. With heavier objects comes greater responsibility. This is because they are able to cause more damage to other objects or to people. Forklift trucks are often used to move one heavy object from one area to another.  Forklift trucks are used widely among numerous different industries but unfortunately many companies fail to understand the necessity for safety and training preparation prior to using the equipment. Forklift trucks are difficult to control especially when you consider that the front view is usually blocked by the object they are transporting. In order to be able to transfer heavy materials the trucks need to be heavy and durable as well as powerful. This means that in the wrong hands, even when not transporting any objects, the truck can be a safety hazard.

Training helps improve efficiency as well as safety. Better trained staff means a more efficient workforce. Therefore training can be economically desirable for the company despite its initial cost. Training on both safety and usage of the trucks will help increase the productivity of staff then not only is efficiency increased but accidents are less likely. Every accident is costly in both the form of damaged materials and injured staff. Therefore reducing the amount of accidents that occur can help save money in the long term. Training also increases the company’s reputation by showing that the company is responsible. Staff will also be happier if they are able to go on company funded courses that improve their skill set so training can help decrease the turnover of staff. There are many different accidents that can occur and the following video showcase just a few of the hazards that can occur.