Electricity Safety Concerns


Electricity is a physical phenomenon which is caused by the flow of electrical charges. Electricity appears in many forms in the natural world such as lighting, electromagnetic induction, and static electricity. It is a powerful force that has revolutionised the human race allowing innovations such as heating, lighting, and endless electronic equipment. However, because electricity provides energy it can also cause a lot of damage as well as a lot of good. There are many forms of danger associated with electricity. The main dangers are associated with young children who are unaware of the damage that can be caused by simple things such as sticking a metal object in a power point. However other dangers to the wider population include mains lines, substations, and faulty electronic devices.

Electricity is a major safety concern. Shredded wires, faulty mains boards, and many other faults can cause a variety of dangerous circumstance such as fires or electrocution. Therefore it is extremely important to have any electrical problems fixed as soon as possible. Specialist companies such as First Strike Electrical now offer on the day service as they understand the importance of making both family and non-family homes safe and secure from the risks of electrical faults.

Yorkshire coast radio recently featured an article with a video on electrical safety. They showed a video of 12 year old Jack with his dad after their kite got stuck in a power line. The video shows the importance of not trying to fix the problem yourself as it presents a greater danger to anyone nearby as the electricity can ‘jump’ down the kite and into the holder’s body. It is also extremely important to not abandon the kite as someone else could come along and be electrocuted by the string fluttering in the wind. The article looked at how young people could be more aware over the Easter break with thousands of people set to be out walking and enjoying the countryside. The dangers of power lines are immense and aid is necessary when accidents such as losing a football in a substation.

Electricity has been harnessed to revolutionise human activity however it comes with its dangers. It is extremely important to have a wide awareness of electricity. If a problem does occur do not attempt to fix it yourself. There are specially trained electricians who make mistake and get the odd electrical shock so don’t risk your life over something which could cost less than sixty pounds to replace.