Don’t let Guy Fawkes Night be Fright Night


Despite Guy Fawkes being an infamous time for burglars to emerge, new research from Everest Home Improvements highlights that nearly 20 per cent (19 per cent) of people won’t put any extra home security in place when going out to celebrate the event.

Nearly 60 per cent (58 per cent) thought that turning a hall light on was a sufficient security measure for Guy Fawkes Night, but as the greatest spike in break-ins occurs between midnight and 1am, this would indicate that burglars aren’t always deterred by people being in the house.

As winter sets in, Everest is calling on people to take greater care when locking up, with a 20 per cent* increase in home burglaries during the darker months. Everest found that over half of Brits have gone out locally and forgotten to close and lock their windows and doors, despite being the most likely access points for break-ins.

Jill McLintock, Product Manager of Everest said:

“As winter sets in, people’s homes are increasingly at risk of crime and our research underlines that many people could be doing more to prevent possible break-ins. It’s essential that people lock their doors and windows when they go out, particularly over high-risk periods such as Guy Fawkes. Many burglars often avoid smashing windows but attempt to force the frame itself, so households must ensure all windows are fitted properly and are safe.”