Dallas Fort Worth International Airport Marks Five-Year Milestone with 13 Million Hours of Safety for Workers


Worth International (DFW) Airport today celebrated five years of accomplishments in safety, risk management and best practices in construction management through its Rolling Owner Controlled Insurance Program (R/OCIP) and received the prestigious Willis Eagle Award for Excellence in Safety fromWillis Towers Watson. The Eagle Award recognizes the Airport’s commitment to safety and collaborative success under R/OCIP.

The DFW Airport Board implemented the R/OCIP on Feb. 15, 2011, as a coordinated master insurance, safety and accidental claim management program. Since 2011, DFW’s R/OCIP has surpassed the following key operational metrics:

  • 13 million man-hours worked without any significant losses
  • 2,000 contracts enrolled
  • $311 million in total Construction Management at Risk (CMAR) payroll
  • 14,000 workers attending DFW Safety Training Sessions
  • 12,000 workers successfully completing the DFW R/OCIP Background Screening Program