Crane Owner Sued for $95 Million


A recent ruling has found that a crane owner in New York City will have to pay over $95million worth of damages after two workers from separate families were killed in a 2008 crane collapse. The ruling has taken considerable time and has likely affected the families who have had to put up with such a long and daunting process constantly unsure of whether they would be paid the compensation they deserve.

The employees killed in the incident where the Donald C. Leo, the crane operator, and Ramadan Kurtaj who was a construction worker carrying out his days duties beneath the crane on the work site below. The men were 30 and 27 years old respectively and struck down I the prime of their lives.

The lawyers for the plaintiffs based their case on the fact that James F. Lomma, who had allowed the workers to use the crane despite knowing that there were issues, had used an unqualified company from China for the crane’s repairs in an attempt to save money. The company was accused of using shoddy welding which ultimately caused the crane to collapse and cause the unacceptable loss of life.

The crane was also believed to be hoistering a load that was greater than the allowed mass for the crane to operate with. The increased mass caused a force so excessive that it cause the crane line to snap and knock the crane off balance resulting in the untimely deaths of the two employees. The excessive rate of accidents in the construction industry in New York City has caused the city to open an investigation into several companies in an attempt to establish whether companies have been carrying out fraud by cutting corners in order to make greater profit.