5 Home Improvements Projects That Increase Your Home’s Value

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Most people have walked through beautiful model homes designed by one of the best architects and wished their own home had all those modern features. Model homes showcase the latest in upgrades and decorating styles and wide open spaces with generous windows.

When we get home, we always want to feel better. Therefore, we always want to feel that we are right in everything we do when it comes to renovating our homes
Home-owners are also realizing there are options which can create income by taking advantage of the thriving rental market as well.
As you evaluate making changes to your home, understanding which home improvement projects will bring real tangible value to your property is important.
Adding space and increasing livability will always bring a high rate of return. The top 5 remodeling projects will make your home more attractive to future buyers or tenants, as well as providing you and your family a more comfortable environment to call home.

1. House Extension
Adding extra square footage is always going to increase your home’s value. Consider using that wasted corner of the garden to add extra space to your family room or expand that dark kitchen into a chef’s dream. Building an extension can give your home an open, bright look.

2. Flat Conversion
Housing has become more and more scarce. This has resulted in a booming rental market. Many home owners are taking advantage of the fact that they do not need all the space in their current home and creating a rental flat. This space can be an unused upper floor or extension in the backyard, but creating an income stream by converting your property into several flats is a great way to increase your property’s value.

3. Loft Conversion
Did you know that you vacant or under-utilized loft can create new wealth by a grand loft conversion design? While this might sound daunting, with proper planning and the right construction company, you can turn a redundant building into a thriving, profitable loft conversion.

4. House in Multiple Occupation (HMO)
HMOs are becoming more popular as renters are enjoying a home sharing situation more comfortable than a small flat. Converting your home into an HMO can provide extra income or a more profitable rental. Adding extra bedrooms or bathrooms can make your property more attractive to those considering an HMO as a rental.

5. Internal Refurbishment
This is where the granite countertops and hardwood floors come into play. Simple remodeling projects such as upgrading features and installing picture windows can create a fresh space with a welcoming feeling. Removing unneeded walls or a kitchen remodel can bring your home new life while increasing its value.
One does not need to be considering a property sale to create value in a home. By utilizing building and remodeling options, property owners can find creative ways to increase value and bring extra income or higher sales price.
So, if you want to finally build that successful project you have always dreamed of, you need to find a good partner, a good architect, to get started.

Author: Ufuk Bahar BA(Hons) MA, Urbanist Architecture Ltd