5 Great Marketing Ideas for Remodeling Contractors


Many of the successful remodeling contractor companies today have got to where they are by repeatedly using simple yet effective marketing strategies. If your business has been slow lately and you’re looking for a way to boost sales, then take advantage of the following tips.

Take Photos of Your Work

One of the best tools a remodeling contracting company can employ is inserting a gallery page onto their website. By incorporating a gallery page, customers can get a good idea of not only the kind of work you do but also the quality of work your company delivers as well. Visual portfolio is one of the best practices for remodeling contractor websites.

From roofing to kitchen remodeling to home additions and more, gallery pages are a necessary tool in today’s market. Quality pictures in a gallery page will put you ahead of the competition and attract potential clients faster than just about any other form of advertising.

In addition to gallery pages, quality pictures of your work should also be displayed on a wide selection of social media platforms. This includes Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr and Yelp. These media platforms are free to use, and with the number of people who use these sites on a regular basis, you can gain a lot of exposure by simply creating a page and uploading your pictures.

Give Potential Clients Something to Remember You By

After you meet with a potential client, and you both go your separate ways, there’s a good chance that everything you talked about will begin to slowly fade from their mind. Therefore, leaving something behind that’ll help them remember you by is a good marketing strategy. This could be anything from a fancy business card to a colorful flyer to even a small portfolio.

Business cards and fliers are available at a pretty reasonable price. Portfolios on the other hand usually cost a little more. However, leaving each one of your potential clients a portfolio can quite possibly yield amazing results. Not only will they have a fantastic reference of your high-quality work, anybody who visits their home will also have the opportunity to be introduced to your services as well.

Get Together to Discuss the Status of Your Leads 

When your remodeling contractor company begins to become more successful, the number of leads you’ll start receiving will amaze you. Every lead is a potential sale, and every sale is a stepping stone to becoming even more successful.

To keep track and pursue every lead, a weekly meeting is a very powerful tool. Once a week, schedule a meeting between the owners and the sales department. Evaluate each lead and put them in a common category based on their status. Your leads can go into three different categories:

  • Not Active: These leads are dead and more than likely won’t lead to anything.
  • On Hold: These leads have the potential to lead to a sale.
  • Active: These leads are in the process of moving towards a sale.

By having these weekly meetings, you’ll be able to track and pursue each lead in the most effective manner possible. Not only will this make your life more easy and organized, it’ll also lead to more sales. 

Incorporate Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)

For those who have never heard of the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), it’s a guide for acting as professionally as possible during trade shows. The guide includes information on how to dress professionally for the show, the most appropriate way to greet the various people you’ll be meeting, what subjects you should talk about and what’s the best way to follow up with the conversations you’ll be having. By using the SOP, you’ll be able to make your trade shows as profitable as possible.

“Send Us a Text Today”

With a whole generation of people using their mobile phones on a regular basis, text messaging has become quite a common way to communicate. By having a call to action that requests that your potential clients contact you by sending a text message, you’re tapping into a generation driven by technology and differentiating yourselves from the rest of the competition. Give it a try and see what kinds of results you get. 

What Other Conversational Tools Can You Incorporate?

All the marketing ideas listed above besides one are designed to generate leads by employing conversation strategies. By increasing the effectiveness of your conversation systems, you can quite possibly generate more leads for your remodeling contracting business more than you would by using lead generation strategies.